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C.L. on the Issues

C.L. Larrabaster’s platform is simple: to make government work for the people rather than the other way around. Larrabaster‘s experience using limited resources to improve the lives of individuals and communities aligns perfectly with what she hopes to do as an Assemblywoman. Her staunch belief that elected officials are obligated to forward the interests of their constituents, not themselves. This is obvious for most of us, but career politicians and bureaucrats in Sacramento seem to have forgotten it, leaving California families and businesses to suffer the consequences.

Carmelita’s Priorities:

  • Uphold Traditional Family Values
  • Uphold the United States Constitution
  • Strengthen Law Enforcement
  • Pro-Business Policies
  • No New Taxes and Protect Prop 13
  • Improve our Education System
  • Conservation of the Planet
  • Protecting our Border

Paid for by the Republican Party of San Diego County
FEC # C00252551 ● FPPC ID 741949 ● FEIN 95-1540609